I’m Claudia Feldman, a freelance writer in Houston, Texas with 40 years of newspaper and storytelling experience.

But I fell in love with writing as a six-year-old, writing history reports at MacGregor Elementary. I moved on to Pershing Middle School and Bellaire High School, then left home to study journalism at Northwestern University.  In 1975, at the age of 22, I took a reporting job at the Houston Chronicle. I covered local news and the medical beat, then moved to the features department. I wanted to take more time with stories about people and the events that affected their lives. Old people struggling with river blindness in Ethiopia. A woman  plotting to kill the mother of her daughter’s cheerleading rival. A boy fighting the aging disease, progeria. A homeless man camping under a bridge. A Jewish grandmother willing to share her prized latke recipe. It was my joy to tell those stories and thousands more and win some state and local writing prizes along the way. I learned to listen carefully, report carefully, write carefully. I also learned how much fairness, accuracy and good writing meant to my subjects.

Now,  after saying goodbye to my friends at the Chronicle, I’m interested in writing and editing this new venture, The Last Word. I know that we all have stories to tell. Working together, I’d like to help you tell yours.

Claudia Feldman



References and clips available on request.